Sunday, February 24, 2013

Month 6 Day 24

Notebook entry
At Geronimo, spoke with Major Omar. Salim taught class to Headquarters Company

Journal Entry
Flight got cancelled and so we hung out Geronimo all day. Salim and Sgt Gul Rahim taught the patrol debriefing class to the sgts of the HQ company in the morning. I dropped off Salim and went back to catch up on E-mails and write a weeks worth of reports that I haven’t been able to get to since I have been out. Went back and picked up Salim at 1700. Neckpai wasn’t around and Salim and I had a pretty good conversation despite my headache. He wanted to know why Marines would leave all of their gear in a tent unlocked, he said this wouldn’t be possible in Afghanistan because people would steal it. We talked about those selective sins. He wanted to know how much money it would cost for him to buy an American wife. After laughing a little bit I told him that the only women who wouldn’t slap him in America for offering them money were prostitutes. He wants to come to America, I told him the same thing as I told Neckpai. Just learning the language is not enough, unless you want to work in food service.

Ah well.

Salim and Gul Rahim teaching a class

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