Friday, February 1, 2013

Mont 6 Day 1

Notebook Entry
Ten Reports to ANA [Afghan National Army], weather afternoon, BATing [e.g. fingerprinting], Personnel issues with executive Officer, Commander’s Conference, Six week Medic Course.

Journal Entry
I was sick most of the day. LCpl Lekic, not a kid that I would pick out as the brightest bulb on the tree. Did almost all of the work on the roster and BATing. He isn’t very bright but he has a wellspring of patience that I have never seen before. He never gets frustrated, he just keeps working until everything is fixed. It is awesome. The CI [Counterintelligence] guys came over to check out some unsubstantiated threats on the camp, from Mansoor, one of our terps whose language skills in both English and Dari are regressing as we press on through the deployment. I sat down with the ANA XO [executive officer] in the morning and he decided not to send one of my intel Sgts to Qandahar for a medical course seeing how he only got a 48% on the literacy test. This course sounds insane, they go for 6 weeks and then become officers with a medical specialty, really? One of our other younglings, LCpl Jonathan Landay got hauled away from drug use. He was downing prescription drugs that didn’t belong to him. I feel a bit bad for him, he was another that wanted to become an officer.

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