Monday, February 18, 2013

Month 2 Day 18

Notebook Entry
No reports, no Contact, Keys turned over to Docs on hospitals

Journal Entry
One of those days where you work the whole day and don't feel like you  are getting anywhere. I worked on the weekly report for the S2,  worked on the the notes for the command chronology. I had to chase around in the morning to figure out if Sgt Qais had gotten on the flight to Kabul. He did. Sgt Salim and I left for Nawa. Salim came out with an entourage of four other soldiers. Full flack jacket, helmet and M16A2. One of his buddies was playing music out loud. He was obviously proud of himself and was ready to go to war. I just kind of smiled. He is very young. We got to the airport and he started referring to himself in the 3rd person in Dari. 'Salim is going to take care of you' 'Salim is the best shot' 'Salim...' It was really funny. We got searched, I chose to get searched with him rather than make him feel singled-out. He brought up the good point. I am carrying a rifle and ammunition, what's the metal detector all about? I don't know the answer. He said it was wrong for the Marines to search me because I am an officer. I just kind of smiled. No one is above the rules. Made it to Geronimo without incident and were received by the S2 shop. David Wood, he was in my GIOC [Intelligence] class is the 2A [Assistant Intelligence officer], cheerful as ever. I need to get back some cheer.

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