Sunday, May 26, 2013

Month 9 Day 26

Notebook entry
41 Ciphers total, four reports given, out of the meeting, general cracking soldier going on leave, Samir Hard Drive," Afghans will not change", Capt. Arthur back from investigation.

Journal entry
Woke up with a ‘boom’ on the 25th I hope I’m not fucked up.

On the 26th I had to go to the morning meeting.  Only 41 ciphers totals were exchanged between the bde and all its kandaks and the corps.  Outside of the meeting there were a group of soldiers from the 3rd kandak who were waiting for the general.  They were pissed off that their leave flight had been delayed once-again. There was one high ring-leader.  He told the General that we wasn’t going to listen to him unless he was sent on leave.  The General told him to get in the prone and when he didn’t our fat little napoleon tried to force him down and cracked him over the head as he did it.  The guy tried to run away, Sgt Salim chased him down and later on he told me that he beat the guy and that he locked him up.  Salim stated that he cried when he was finally let out. 

I found out about this when I took Salim out for lunch and he also told me that the General told him to beat some other prisoner.  Fuck, really?  Adding insult to injury.  He is the only guy here.  I asked him about Samir.  He said we was in Qandahar and that he had run off with the 2 TB hard drive with all of the map data that I had given to the section.  I asked Salim what I could do to make this better and he said.  He did not know.  He needed to get an officer.  He also said that only two of his kandaks, north MArjeh and south marjeh were sending him any info and that only one of the officer is reporting for duty.  

GySgt Young and Capt Brawny had an interesting conversation with the engineering officer that they relayed to me.  He stated that even if you were herefor another 50 years it wouldn’t matter.  The Afghan people will not change because they do not want to change.  Hmmmm.

I felt like somebody kicked a hole in my head most of the afternoon I think I ate some bad food. So I laid down and watched a movie.

Capt Arthur came back from his investigation in the evening. They had tasked him to go find out about missing ammunition at one of the Marine battalions. ETT maineffort, right sure shows with the way our staff is tasked to do whatever.

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