Monday, May 6, 2013

Month 9 Day 6

Notebook Entry
Concept of Operations brief

Journal Entry
In the morning capt Nowak and I double-teamed the S-2 [Intelligence] shop so that we could distract them and print the ConOps [Concept of Operations] off in color. To the last minute there were changes in the damn thing. To be honest I just had to say to hell with the chain of comand and blast everyone in every RC [Regional Command] on the BCC line of the E-mail. This elicited some of the answers that I was looking for.

I basically gave the brief for the convoy movement because I was the one who was most familiar with it. That didn’t bother me. In fact again I felt a little good that I could prove that I was worth something and that I can actually do something well not like working with the ANA.

The perverse thing is that I felt really good bout working hard on this conops, but Capt Nowak brought up the really good point. He said why the hell are we working on this stuff. We are not a real staff . sure we can do this, but it is not really the job of a bunch of teachers to be planning a giant convoy. The other perverse thing is that it really takes away from my other job. I didn’t even bother to write an end-of-week report about the S-2 because I really had no significant contact with them. I don’t imagine this would strike most of the guys because they do not regularly take stock of their progress as I do, but for me it was frustrating.

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