Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Month 9 Day 1

Notebook Entry
E-mail Major Kraus, Updated Global Unique Identifier, Lines of Operation Synchronization, Concept of Operations, Turnover: Major Davidson

Journal Entry
I spent basically the entire day in the CCOC [Combined Combat Operations Center] again working on the ConOps [Concept of Operations] and trying to get caught up. It has been like pulling teeth to get basic information about friendly forces on the route of March. I even called up one of the Regional Commands and they told me, you need to do a better turnover. I’m like turnover with who? You are one who is listed in the IJC [International Joint Command] frago [Fragmentary order] as the POC [Point of Contact] if you are tired of Lts and Capts calling and asking you the same questions, then why don’t you submit someone else as the POC, or you build and perhaps save the information that everyone is looking for.

Ah well. I got Hesco’s thrice. First, I was over there because “I don’t want to mess with Centrix down here.” Second he sent me an E-mail asking me for the POCs at the FOBs [Forward Operating Bases] on the route. I told him this was an RFI [Request for Information] that had been turned into a task. Third, I’m in the middle of working on the stuff for the trip and one of the guys from the COC wants to come in and use the only SIPR to teach the class. Hesco is like, why don’t you get off there so he can teach a class. I’m like dude why doesn’t he grab his computer that is 15 feet away and bring it in here. Whatever.

I turned over a bunch of stuff with Maj Davidson. Sweet, one less thing in my pack.

Second Journal Entry

One thing that I forgot to mention was about Qais and doing a class with him. I have him trained to show up for class at 1500 every day. This convoy has taken up all of my time, and I only have a finite amount, so if it gets allocated somewhere else, then I don’t have it to mentor. They did a VTC in the afternoon and Qais came to the CCOC afterward asking about the class. I told him that he should stay in the CCOC, do the class, and then I could take him back to Camp Garmsir. He said that he was really busy and that he wasn’t able to. I was secretly glad because I wanted to work on the ConOps.

This is a major problem. I have become like everyone else. I have lost sight of the goal, become wrapped up in work, and started neglecting my Afghans. 

Edited to Add:
The reference to  “I don’t want to mess with Centrix down here.” was because the Major didn't want to get this computer system (the only one that communicated with our allies) installed on our side of the camp. It was lazy and shortsighted and forced us to commute to use a computer.

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