Thursday, May 2, 2013

Month 9 Day 2

Notebook Entry
Yesterday missed class with Qais, Concept of operations all morning. Fear of Afghan National Army from Regimental Combat Team. Qais missed class today, Munir our yesterday, Afghan National Army Quick Reaction force. Provisional rifles.

Journal Entry
I worked on the ConOps [Concept of Operations-plan] all morning. I am so happy that Lekic is basically on autopilot when it comes to the roster. Though he did really annoy me with some of his data-entry, it took me almost an hour to fix some of his mistakes yestday on the spreadsheet.

The RCT s-2 [Regimental Combat Team Intelligence Officer] called about their teleconference, they didn’t know how to set it up, wanted to do it over there because it is more convenient. Capt CJ Radin nickname No Impact No Idea-CJ RADIN is a real genuine idiot. Not good for an intel guy. He wanted to know why I couldn’t come at three and I’m like dude, why can’t you come here at three. Whatever.

Capt Nowak got pissed at me again because I relayed a message from Maj Valquist about setting up billeting at LNK [Camp Leatherneck]. I said could you set up billeting at LNK? Started with a Sir and ended with a V/R,. He was annoyed because he thought I was tasking him. I wrote him back that I would try not to hurt his feelings. The guy is really hyper-emotional.

I found out that Monir, the GSU S2 [Garrison Support Unit Intelligence Officer] who has been here for 2 months went on leave yesterday. Fuck.

I am getting annoyed about the assignments that the RCT does for the new kandaks coming in. They are treating all of them engineers, recon, etc as provisional riflemen. What a waste. I pushed back, and was told by Maj Valquist that they were not attached to me. Capt Arthur says that he was there when the Maj brought this up with the RCT and was shot down, I have also heard the Maj speak on the phone about how dumb this is. Oh well, we don’t have the power.

The cherry on top was that Qais didn’t come to class. I wonder if me telling him I couldn’t do the class at Garmsir, but could at the Combine COC had anything to do with it.

All this just to get more stuff and people from Kabul.

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