Saturday, May 4, 2013

Month 9 Day 4

Notebook Entry
Ten Reports given, actually chewed out Slovak. Leave flight, varsity level Military Decision making process. Make believe staff in the afternoon. General stomp out. Power/generator. Intelligence guy back.

Journal Entry
Lots happened yesterday, but nothing happened. It turns out I actually chewed out a Slovak not a Croat. I found out that our coalition brethren are just as litigious as we are. He needed something in writing from one of his own brigade combat teams that I had been given an exception to the rule. The word of an officer Is not good enough. Fuck the coalition. It has made communication almost impossible with all of these extra networks. In coming together we have actually pushed ourselves farther apart. I spent the whole day just trying to get in touch the the FOBs [Forward Operating Bases] that was are going to stay at and doing basic updates on the ConOps [Concept of Operations].

The rest of the team, basically in its entirety, was dedicated to the leave flight. What a waste, and just a few days before we are supposed to go, stupid. Samir and Salim both made it back on the leave flight, but I am told that Samir is just here to check out.

I guess the Military Decision making process class that the RCT [Regimental Combat Team] did was comically bad. The ANA [Afghan National Army] showed up in the morning and Maj Kraus asked my guy in front of everyone “so what’s happening in Trek Nawa?” He is out of touch, the guy can only remember where Trek Nawa is about 75% of the time. In the afternoon none of the ANA showed up except for the S-3. All of the RCT guys were pissed off. They were like, where is my guy, this is the ETT’s fault said LtCol Walcott. Our fault? You told them where to be, they didn’t listen to you, they don’t give a shit that you are a pissed off LtCol. The afghans just started pulling in random guys and claiming that they we part of this section or that section. It was complete bullshit, but because the guys from the RCT have been here so little they didn’t know the difference. The General came in for a couple of minute said he was embarrassed, knocked over his water bottle and stomped out. LtCol Walcott fell asleep in his chair. Maj Kraus came up to me afterward and was like “have you been working with them on this?” I said that this was the RCT’s thing and that we were told to stay out of it. I also mentioned the convoy in a couple of days again and I think he understood that we had more pressing concerns. He went one talking unrealistic things about the Socratic method. I spoke to Qais later about it and he told me that the Marine Sergeant, SSgt Robert Burns, was no good and that he wanted me to teach him. It will be an interesting few weeks without us to be their crutch.

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