Thursday, May 23, 2013

Month 9 Day 23

Notebook Entry
Afghan national army speeding, Corps wanted me to e-mail administration, Noorudin in two months, impacted shit, 45 drivers, four trucks from fifth Kandak, Danes Garrison support unit.

Journal entry
John Hudson, Bash and Richard Sia came back at about 0100.  They said they had spoken  to a PRT rep from Ghazni who said that they spend up to $70000 to fill in shot holes from IEDs, that is a lot more expensive than merely packing them with concertina like they do down here.  I guess the Poles also have no external positions.  They all work off of big FOBs and then only during the day, no wonder stuff is all fucked up. John Hudson said yah it’s like day one every day for them.
I went over to tobston watched them unload a track-hoe that was way too heavy fr the low-boy that it was on at the Marine’s behest.
I got a nasty E-mail from the BDOC CO Maj Dylan Welch in response to an E-mail I sent the day prior.  I basically told them that if the ANA were caught speeding that they would have trouble communicating with them.  Referenced the incedent that I am about to describe with the Danes and reminded them that we force them to use our gate, and they  could always reopen their back gate, a major security concern.  I also told them that I had to tell my guys about the concept of speed.  And that they didn’t know what a speedometer was for. Maj Dylan Welch told me that this is something that the ETT could handle by talking to the ANA brass and we should teach them what a speedometer was for.  I replied that they had destroyed a million bucks worth of equipement on this trip and then blamed Ford for shoddy workmanship.  These guys literally do not know what they are doing.  Treating them like American PFCs behaving badly is not going to work out well for you.
The incedent that happened up here was relayed to me by the Danes, I guess the BDOC tore up the road to he ANA camp and didn’t bother to tell them.  One group of commandos was coming from Gereshk several km away and they were stopped.  The marines had no terps to describe the altenate route all the ANA knew was that they were being blocked.  When the Danes arrived there were 4 ANA trucks pointing their weapons at the Marines and the commandos were moving for a support by fire position.  Fucking stupid. Put yourself in their shoes.
A couple of days ago Maj James Blitz wanted me to E-mail my Afghans he didn’t know that they didn’t have E-mail he also didn’t know that we didn’t have an S1 mentor, out of touch.
A couple of days ao I translated for Capt Nowak as he bitched out Noorudin, the training NCO for being absent for 2 months. 
I guess doc checked out a guy not too long ago who had feces rammed so far up his penis that it was preventing him from urinating.  Put you can’t have anal sex in islam
We were doing the conformation brief and the 5th kandak said they still needed 45 drivers and 4 trucks from the 5th kandak.  The general was pissed that the mentors called him to solve the problem and not his own commander.  That’s good.

I found this, and the next little photo to be very funny.  Somebody actually printed this...

Hundreds and hundreds of trucks just sitting idle in this lot, not being used for the nation's defense

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