Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Month 3 Day 28

Notebook Entry
BAT, S-4 established budget, Communications CMR [Consolidated Memorandum of Reciept], Captain Nowak Class

Journal entry
You can't shit in the showers. I may have already put this in one of these, but it bears repeating. Apparently one of the showers has a tube wide enough for the ANA [Afghan National Army] to shit down while taking a shower. The ANA seem to believe that all of them are capable of this particular feat. Unfortunately, the pipes disagree. They get clogged with human excrement, back up and overflow. Shit is stuck on the ceiling from when some frustrated solder flung it there. The ANA insist on washing their clothes in the sinks, filling them up to the bring and putting additional pressure on them they also like to use the sinks to wash their feet, putting more pressure on them than they were designed to take and inevitably breaking them. They want all of this fixed, but make no effort to maintain what they have. Each one of these shower trailers cost $260,000 a piece, for about 8 showers. This is what happens when the developed country with a culture of maintenance runs into a third world nation with no personal ownership. This place is going to fall apart when we leave.

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