Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Month 3 Day 14

Notebook entry
Spent the whole day using the Biometric Automated Toolseting/translating

Journal Entry
Screw these guys. Eid starts tomorrow, but they want today off too, Eid takes 3 days, and they don’t want to come back to work on Friday (it is like their weekend), so the next day we can really do work is Saturday. How does it get like this? How do these guys bear so little of the fighting load that they feel like they can just up and leave. The whole officers eat last concept is also lost on them all of the enlisted guys are still here, but the officers are gone because they can bump enlisted guys to get on flights. This system is really messed up. The linguists aren’t much better, you ask them to sit down and work and they will hang out for a minute, but then they cut and run because written translations are hard and boring. Yah life is hard an boring, so what that is what you get paid for. Wooo-sa Wooo-sa

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