Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Month 3 Day 21 and 22

Notebook entry Day 21
Biometric Automated Toolset, Found out about Colonel Omar accusing Brigadier General Shujai

Notebook entry Day 22
Biometric Automated Toolset 1 report regarding suicide bombers bound for Lashkar Gah

Journal Entry
Skull drag, the BATing thing is just epic. Trying to get the ANA to show up on time, trying to get them to show up at all. I have to literally sit there every minute or else this roster is not going to be completed.

I am told that on Sat we are going to lose all of our linguists for a class that is being taught on basic soldiering. I just want to be like, what is this whole instructor cadre that you taught doing right now? Oh well, I guess I will figure out how to pointy-talky my way through the BATs [Biometric Automated Toolset].

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