Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Month 3 Day 13

Notebook Entry
Meeting with Base Defense Operations Center regarding badging

Journal Entry
Since my guy was gone I spent a lot of time working on this uber-roster that the major says he needs for the Afghans. It is going to be painful. I figure if everything goes perfectly that it will take 105 man-hours to complete the task, but nothing goes perfectly. This is just going to become a monumental ass-pain, I can see it now. At the end we may not have a picture of the Afghans that is any more accurate than our current picture. Feed the beast I guess. This centralized control is why the commies failed, but I guess no one asked me, eh.

Edited to add:
This goes to show what little I knew at the time.  This roster would later become one of the most useful things that we could have had.  It allowed us to finally get a handle of who was supposed to be where and just how much leave everyone was taking.  That said, it was an epic pain-in-the-ass.

SSgt Tom A. Peter pets the goats that we bought at an exorbitant price from a local farmer as an Eid gift, we would later eat them, and the Afghans would later tell us that they didn't think we gave enough...awesome.

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