Monday, November 12, 2012

Month 3 Day 12

Notebook Entry
S2A Leaves

Journal Entry
Yesterday and the day prior. I worked with Samir two days ago. I tried to get an agenda out of him for this intel shura…No love. We talked about what he owed me, but I didn’t show up when I asked him to and I couldn’t find him. I found out yesterday why that was. He hopped on a flight yesterday and headed home for Eid, not on an Afghan flight, on a USMC flight, if anyone would have told me I would not have let him go. I am not really sure why there is at least a tacit acceptance of some of the bad behavior of the Afghans. They rate 30 days off per year, that is it. They take 3-4 times that amount. Well the officers do anyways because the soldiers probably aren’t getting any leave at all. This is bullshit. On the bright side, at least some of our reporting has indicated that our enemies also take a break for Eid, so that is nice of them. So it is me and the chai boy, Nasrullah, a great kid, never complains, does everything you could want, but illiterate, innumerate, and does not want to learn. He is afraid that if he learns they will promote him, if they promote him he will have more responsibility and people will yell at him. Also worked out badging policy with the base defense operations center.

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