Friday, November 23, 2012

Month 3 Day 23

Notebook entry
Biometric Automated Toolset, 1 report regarding attack on school in South Marjeh

Journal Entry
Did the last bit of [Biometric Automated Toolseting] BATing for the [Garrison Support Unit] yesterday. It remains to be seen how many are assigned but on leave, and how many billets are straight-up unfilled. Yesterday was probably the easiest day. We got a lot of [Afghan National Army] ANA done, for the first time since we got here the ANA were actually ready ahead of time, simply amazing. The S-1 [Administration Officer] also worked without complaint for the entire day. Finally, neither of the guys who were actually on the BATS machines were [Embedded Training Team] ETT marines, I had one from the [Based Defense Operations Center] BDOC and one contractor. This made work approximately 1000 times easier. ETT Marines get double and triple tasked all of the time, this prevents them from getting the job done, but this way we get everything done no one bitches. In fact I think I would probably prefer to work with contractors than Marines on most things. At least you can fire, contractors, and they have resigned themselves to their jobs, so there is minimal bitching. It is nice.

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