Monday, November 26, 2012

Month 3 Day 26

Notebook entry
Friday, worked on roster, Nasrallah leaves.

Journal Entry:
Did a fair bit of work on the rosters for the [Afghan National Army] ANA. Worked on my monthly report about the status of intelligence. Cleaned my rifle, ate chow. Got assigned yet another collateral duty, I am now the Combined Federal Campaign manager for the group. It is a bit annoying that they always give me every collateral duty because I am the junior officer, but whatever, it needs to be done.

I need to get a little head-space from this place. I dream about this, wake up and think about this. I think I really do need those 5 goals that we were talking about. I tried to sit down and think about a few of them, but unfortunately my mind kept drifting back to here.

One more ‘nail story’ [as in when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail] someone brought up the good point that with only 19 people on this team it does not really make sense to have posts manned in the [Combat Operations Center] ‘COC’ [Joint Tactical Operations Center] ‘JTOC’ and Firewatch. The COC post could probably be abandoned with little effect. If anyone urgently needed us the Firewatch could have a radio, and if we couldn’t be reached by telephone, then I guess they would just have to use E-mail. But we don’t have offices in the Marine Corps, we have [Combat Operations Centers] CoCs, so this must be manned 24-7.

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