Monday, March 4, 2013

Month 7 Day 4

Notebook Entry

Journal Entry
Used a British Water-closet shipping container.  Much more sensibly designed than the American Variety, no doubt a bit more expensive to. The toilets are askance in the head [restroom] so that your knees don't press up
against the door when you sit down.  Moved to the out processing tent, a sea of different US uniforms.  MARPAT, USAF (the outprocessors), ACUs, muticam.  After a while it seems to allay the purpose of a uniform.

I got into it with an Army Specialist intel analyst who thought [that since] we could train soliders with 19 on their ASVABs that we should be able to train Afghans.

 got to run time is up.

The power system on Qandahar Air Field

The Qandahar Board Walk, at left the hockey rink they have, up front Caribou coffee.  Is this even a war for them?

Gaping hole in the top of one of the tents that process us for leave.  God only knows how much the A/C bill is.

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