Friday, March 29, 2013

Month 7 Day 29

Notebook Entry
Returned to Dwyer, Dr Baqi circumcision, Capt Arthur and Maj Valquist in Kabul, Base Defense Operations Center Decides to do classes.

Journal Entry
Spent the entire morning in the AACDG [Airport] in Leatherneck, the flight was delayed. Got bumped off the ASR [assault support request-think plane ticket] because they were flying ammo. Got back at 1400. Started taking shit for being a lone wolf and not violating the rules and flying the night earlier. Major Hesco was in his traditionally foul mood. I can’t wait till he leaves on day 31.

Dr Baqi, not a really doctor, performed a circumcision on an Afghan while he was conscious, wow. Capt Arthur and Major Valquist are in Kubul. The new BDOC decided to do classes for the Afghans, cool.

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