Sunday, March 24, 2013

Month 7 Day 24

Notebook Entry

Journal Entry
Flew from Melbourne to Dubai, Dubai to Kuwait and moved to Camp Ali Al Salim. When I saw the board in the Dubai Airport that had a direct flight to Los Angeles I actually thought for a moment about trying to
squeeze on. I wished that some Deus ex machina would come out and say, oh, we have changed the plan you can go home now.

Arrived in Kuwait and I had no desire to talk to any of the Marines or sailors from the Regimental Combat Team, so I didn't. I just sat with my laptop, hopped on the free wifi and caught up on E-mail.

Made it back to Ali Al Salim. Got a transient tent, changed into my uniform. It fit almost too well. It is becoming a second skin. I have been able to dress in the dark and under stress since boot camp in 2003, but the once familiar comfort only filled me with dread.

As I walked out to have a shave I heard a voice from behind me 'welcome, sir' I spun and saw Gunny Casanova. He and Capt Brawny had arrived the day before. We had lunch he bragged about his sexual
escapades in Thailand, and then became faux pensive 'after a while meaningless sex with women who don't speak your language is just no fun anymore, apparently he spent the second week site-seeing. Capt
Brawny returned and spent a half-day with each of his boys one-on-one. He went to the beach and just hung out with his family.  He talked about the tidal pools he discovered with his kids. He seems like a great classical dad. Nothing too deep, just strong, adventurous and exceptionally caring. I felt bad writing that he was bilking the system for his retirement later on in the day, but it was true. His patriotism is surpassed by his love for those boys. It is what it is. While it is fine for him it is not good for the nation.

Had chow, I was impressed again at the quality and how free it was...that is nice for a big eater like me.

I went and bought what was my final purchase of my vacation, an adapter for Kuwaiti power. I spent the afternoon on my bed pecking away on my sample chapter and the book proposal. I went to the gym
and worked on my showpiece muscles for Suzan in addition to the normal routine. I wrote Suzan into the book. I feel a bit odd about doing that, I think it might be because I want to keep her all to myself. I
want her to be my own refuge, but in truth I don't know that I can write a chapter called waiting without describing what I am waiting for and why it is important to me. Day by day she becomes more important to me and I cannot write much about my desires without talking about her.

I went to chow came back knocked out, went to the 2000 meeting where they told us we would have to meet up at 0230.

came back, knocked out again just on a bare mattress with my blouse as a blanket and my towel as a pillow.

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