Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Month 7 Day 27

Notebook Entry

Journal Entry
I woke up and ran to the gym. I went to the shower and decided to track down the guys from the new corps adviser team. The Gunny and Capt Brawny managed to finagle a truck from the LNO [Liaison Officer] which made the journey more easy. Camp Tombstone is still the best camp that I have ever seen.

I met up with the new G2 advisor. Major James Blitz, he had a lot of ideas, none of them founded in reality. I pointed him to some of my reports and started talking to him about what was really going on in the Brigade. I had tried to send them to him earlier, but I guess his mailbox rejected them because they were oversized. He was under the impression that intel was actually functioning at my level and that only his level was broken. He really needs to do a battlefield circulation. Lt David Guttenfelder had just arrived back. He was out playing rifleman in Nad Ali, he seemed to be having a ball with all of that. He told me that rather than get out and accept career designation he was going to take the embassy supervision duty (basically flying all aournd Africa and checking up on the embassy security guards-a really easy and fun gig if you are single). Major James Blitz is a bit of a squat man with a frenetic mouth. He flits from this to that to then next in really short order. I had hoped to hang out at tombstone a while longer to get on their MWR [Morale Welfare and Recreation tent] there, but he wanted to talk, but oddly enough his ADD prevented us from talking about intel at my level. I showed him where my tent was and told him he could contact me there if he wanted to talk about any of my reports. Right now it looks like we are going to be stuck here for a few days (until day 29). before we make it back to Dwyer. This base is getting pretty out of control it is so big that it takes you a half-hour to walk anywhere. I mused about the efficiency of all the walking if the cost of fuel and of giving junior officers more vehicles would make sense because we are basically making $20 per hour regardless of what we are doing. I also saw Lt Mashal Usman in the intel section up here, he seems to be doing well hangning out with probably 100 other intel bubbas at this level. It was funny I walked into the topographic section and for all of their great technology I looked at one of there maps and told them it was wrong. They had put an Observation balloon in a place that it was not. After telling them that they didn't doubt the map, they doubted me. I told them I had been in the place where it was and the place where it was not a couple of weeks ago and they suggested that my info was dated...hmmmm they don't move the thing in 6 mo and then all of a sudden move it with no planning, odd. This is just after Maj James Blitz is talking to me about the need for data links and high-granularity of what is going on in the AO. hmm, look how well we do with all that info...I also saw my platoon commander from OCS Srs there. He was an 0203 capt when I saw him and was now a major. I think he identified himself as an infantryman when I was at OCS. So another bastard child.

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