Saturday, April 6, 2013

Month 8 Day 6

Notebook Entry
Duty in the morning, personnel statistics turned in, Mission Essential Task List reformat, Intelligence class afternoon with Regimental Combat Team, Salim goes on leave, admin too busy, new generators arrive, medical try to push supplies, prisoner release.

Journal Entry
Had duty in the morning. I tried to turn in the personnel statistics. I thought I was really slick with my logical test formulas, etc in excel. The problem is that computers will do exactly what you tell them to do, and I mean exactly, so I spent an hour trying to chase down two missing guys. I worked on reformatting the Mission Essential task list. This is what we are supposed to be driving toward. Everyone else has basically forgotten about it, it seems. I have been putting them at the base of my Status of Intel Reports since we got started. The format was a bit of a headache. Capt Nowak wanted a matrix in word originally because he didn’t know how to use excel. I had to help him on that one too, only to have the major tell me to take it back out and put it in excel. Sgt Salim left on leave, they had an Afghan helocopter come in. He has been here 3 months, he claims he hasn’t been on leave in 10 months. With the new guys showing up the S1 was too busy to work. A couple of new generators arrived to replace the onces that the Afghan overloaded these things are as big as cars, and probably cost more.

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