Thursday, April 18, 2013

Month 8 Day 18

Notebook entry
Garrison Support Unit S1 Leave parameters, Garrison Support Unit S2 computer class, Brigade S1, Communications doing MoD-14, two reports to the USMC, Major Decides to keep the uneven passenger split-Brigade and Garrison Support Unit, Jabar late, cardinal Directions.

Journal Entry
Met with GSU S1 [Garrison Support Unit Administration officer]. I sat down with him to work out the leave parameters. They have twice as many guys as the Brigade does, but the Brigade takes 15 seats on the leave flight while they only take 10. I spoke to Maj Valquist about it, and he said ‘this is not the ditch that we are going to die in, if they want to send their officers on leave all of the time and then get them back quickly, then ok’ I am upset about it. We are ostensibly here to try to defend the little guys, to try to make sure that they get on leave, but when it comes down to it, we fold. I even produced some statistics for him that showed that if all of the Brigade officers were averaged together, they would have already taken 30 days leave, their entire allotment for the year. That is aggravating. I know that the Major is constantly pushing the General on this issue or that issue, and I realize that Col Schmitt will not support him if we try to do things like cut some of our support to the Bde [Brigade], but it is still upsetting, especially when we are completely in control of this asset.

Met with the Bde S1 {Brigade Administration Officer]. Mirabon wanted me to make copies for him, I’m like. HMMM last week you told me you didn’t need anything when it turned out you were going to need to work (fill out a form) in order to get supplies. Now you want to make copies. How bout this you fill out a form to request a copier and I will make copies for you. Capt LaFranchi came in the midst of my meeting. He is working well with Mirabon, I let him be the hero and make photocopies for Mirabon, that is just as well. Had lunch with Rob afterword, he is a good guy and really thinks more broadly than I give him credit for a lot of the time.

I taught a class to the S2 [Intelligence Section]. We only made it through one extra slide, we had to readdress cardinal directions, where we are on the map, etc.

I spoke to Capt Arthur and Capt Brawny for the first time openly about the book. Capt Brawny wants it to be a polemic aimed at policymakers. Capt Arthur understands that I am trying to reach the voter. Capt Brawny seemed less opposed when I told him I might be naming him Capt Brawney, like the paper towels with the old but really buff guy on the front. It’s the little things

I went to bed last and for the third night and slept the sleep of a man who realizes that he is not crazy and not alone in the world.

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