Friday, April 5, 2013

Month 8 Day 5

Notebook Entry
Worked with Garrison Support Unit Counterintel, and Brigade Intelligence on MoD-14 morning, Afternoon Biometric Automated Toolset, and weather, Salim leaves, poor time management, Generator Mechanic Passed 1064 students taught.

Journal Entry
Worked with the GSU [Garrison Support Unit] and Bde [Brigade] S2 [intelligence] on MoD-14 supply requests in the morning. The relationship between these intel elements seems to be pretty amicable. In the afternoon I helped Lekic with the BATing [think fingerprinting] and the new intel guys with the weather. Same drill, my new guy can barely write let alone navigate around a computer with a mouse. Hunt and peck is difficult for him on the keyboard because half of the letters are rubbed off. Salim left in the middle of the class. He said he needed to fix his truck and he had to go before they closed. He acts like a 1500 class is a surprise to him every day. Everyone else seems to get it. We had a generator mechanic course going on here which held up two of our terps. It’s nice that they are teaching this stuff, but the drain on terps is stupid. Staff training should be the emphasis of this level of command, not operator-skills. The Major will give them two terps and let me fumble my way through in Dari, but never give up his own dedicated terp (the best on we have) Dinar.

I feel like I have tasked LCpl Lekic with as much as he can handle on Tuesdays. He keeps screwing stuff up. HE will no print stuff off, not remind the Afghans they need to come, not hold them to their times. Above all, he does not call me when he cannot handle the problem. At the end of the day yesterday I wanted to talk to him about it, but he looked really stressed-out, so I didn’t. I told him that he did a really good job.

I really need Lekic, or a real chief. I am a victim of the peter principle. The major just keeps piling it on higher and higher. Deuce, look into this, Duece you’re good with Excel redo the METLs for everyone, and write on two sections of them, deuce we owe a new biweekly report, you can write well, write that up and give it to me to proofread. I’m like, fuck, I work every hour of the fucking day. The only time I take off is to write this journal and call Suzan for 15 minutes. I’m not going to give those up. What exactly would you like me to stop doing? I feel like I am quickly not going to be doing well at anything.

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