Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Month 2 Day 23

Notebook Entry
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace from Sergeant Robert Burns, Coordinated with Naval Criminal Investigative Services. One report from the Afghan National Army. Gave all Afghan Intelligence reports

Edited to Add:
I brought over a couple of the Marines from the other side of the base to show the Afghans how to presents a good Intelligence Preparation of the Battle space.   I would spend months trying to teach them how to do the same. On our way back we stopped to see the broken fuselage of a Russian bomber-cum-cargo plane that crash-landed at our base because the pilot and copilot were drunk.  

Some of the Afghan Intelligence Soldiers watch the presentation, Kharullah (left) was never really part of the section, Najib (Center) would later leave and return, Mohammad (Right) would later be sent to the kandaks to do nothing related to intelligence.

Mansour (later fired for being a terrible linguist) attempts to translate.

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