Sunday, October 14, 2012

Month 2 Day 14

Original entry:
Lost to the electronic ether, but here are some photos that I took while visiting some of our units

An adopted stray cat at one of the posts

The posts of one of the kandak teams

V-22 Landing

The General's bodyguard and Maj Valquist at the Garmsir Key Leader engagement

The Afghan Sergeant Major

Yours truly

The district governor, Colonel Eric Schmitt, General Shujai and the heads of all the security functions

Some of the Kandak Commanders and the press corps

Major Andrew Valquist eating some camel

Bathroom facilities around the district center

General Shujai, Maj Andrew Valquist the heads of the subordinate adviser teams and the kandak commanders

British War memorial, they lost a lot of men here before the Marines took over

Static discharge on the tips of a V-22

Captain Brian Arthur, Gunnery Sergeant Luis Casanova and Dinar at a higher level of command waiting for our bus to our plane.

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