Friday, October 12, 2012

Month 2 Day 12

Notebook Entry

Illiterate Sergeants have often been reassigned, literate ones have often been pulled to other sections
Colonel Omar believes literacy is the job of teachers and the Kandak and Brigade Level
If they can read and write they often go to other jobs where they can be promoted to E8/E9.  Suggests that tashkil [organization chart] be amended to have higher ranked sergeants in intelligence
Asked about career fields: no good answer as to why they don’t have Military Occupational Specialties [specific job fields]
Colonel Omar want intelligence to be mobile with someone at the kandaks at all times
Would like mentors to brief the problems and see what the Afghans do
Independence for intelligence, Colonel Omar wants to act as an independent investigative arm
Wants to have meetings with the Judge Advocate General, Inspector General, and Intelligence officer

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