Thursday, August 8, 2013

Month 12 Day 8

Notebook entry
11 reports given, math class, teleconference, Qais review, drivers course.

Journal entry
In the morning I did a map class with Munir.  We had to do it in my tent because Munir couldn’t find his soldier.  He was pretty receptive and is relearning pretty quickly.  I had to divide my time a little bit because I was helping Capt Nowak with his contribution to the Gazette article.  No one has taken the time to sit down with him and explain formal grammar rules. 

Qais did the teleconference.  We had two kandaks show up.  That was a pretty good result.  After the teleconference I went to do some review with Qais on the map, operational term and graphics. 

I would have liked to do more, but we are pretty short-handed on linguists right now.  I am glad that we came back off the ledge of sending Tony to Fiddler’s Green.

In the afternoon I kept correcting submissions for the Gazette.  The Doc wanted me to correct his paper only to know if he had less errors than Cap Nowak.  I told him I was not going to entertain that question. 

I worked on the intro to the article, transferring a bunch of files from SIPR to NIPR, went to the meeting and racked out.

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