Thursday, August 1, 2013

Month 12 Day 1

Notebook entry
16 reports given “holiday” to airport, map renaming, conference call three participants, call Tawoos, command chronology, Naikpai peer Pressure.

Journal entry
The First day of Ramadan (Ramazan is how it's pronounced here).

I ran to the gym in the morning as I normally do and for once there
were no Afghans starting at my uncovered legs.

I ran the MoD delegation to the airstrip, the ANA couldn't even get a
truck for them on time.  They almost missed the cut off time.  If I
had not driven almost 60MPH down the gravel roads, they would have
missed it.  I dont think the Cols had ever seen someone drive like
that, they were hanging on tight.

I came back and tried to work with Munir in the morning.  He informed
me that it was a holiday (none of the kandaks knew about it, and it
isn't on a calendar, but it was supposedly a holiday).  I worked with
him on his map I read off a lot of the words in english and he wrote
them in Dari.  By the end I was parched.  We are not bringing water
with us when we go over there so that we don't upset them, but I
understood how after a couple of hours they would not be worth a shit.
 I brought munir to our MWR and we did a conference call.  Three of
the kandaks showed up.  A pretty good turnout.  I went with munir and
spoke to Tawoos on the Satphone.  I managed to get about 3 hours of
work out of them.

I tried and eventually succeeded in taking Capt LaFranchi to noon chow.
 Gunny Casanova really pissed him off with his omnidirectional hatred.
Gunny Casanova didn't say sir, after speaking to him, and was all heated
and annoyed when Capt LaFranchi corrected him.  Howard and I had a
conversation about how there was nothing that anyone could do to him,
and what a poor example he was setting.

I came back and worked on the command Chronology, this Gazette article
that I am meant to publish, and corrected some of Maj James Blitz's

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